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Heights of Luxury

What first started as studio designs and production that includes accessories, garments, and furniture; Tangible Gratitude as of today has newly moved production of its designs into factory production downtown Los Angeles.

Tangible Gratitude is bringing accessibility to highest luxury.

Designer fashion Luxury workinprogress

Imagine a world where our own contentment exists as an observable luxury.

We, individuals are seemingly on the way to realizing that true luxury is found everywhere. Life around us gets richer in essence as luxury, the extraordinary, sheds into gratitude as the contentment we aspire. We live in a paradox where the extraordinary the world so lives for stays hidden in subtleties, until we uncover them through the nature of gratitude itself; but even this very nature is an endeavouring pursuit.

Tangible Gratitude is the fabrication of luxury's evolution.

To see-through the evolution of luxury existing beyond collective standard, the world must understand that the formalities of luxury create the ultimate paradox we live in. Tangible Gratitude challenges the principle of formality, with discipline in emphasizing luxury's attachment to society's ideals of pursuing gratitude.

It is the pursuit of gratitude that deconstructs this paradox of familiarity. The idea of Gratitude does not exist in the means of something we can receive, but embody through what we perform. Will you be able to support the evolution into a greater ideology? The truest form of Gratitude comes from the contribution from one's self, but will you contribute to it if it were a worldly movement?
Break the paradox.

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