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The Furniture

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A Tangible Living Room

A tangible gratitude is found where all things are placed.

Luxury's Disposition

Luxury's Disposition: "The Disposition of Gratitude" is a statement that presents the idea that a tangible gratitude is found where all things are placed.

In observation of a furniture's utility, fabricating suitability of the environment is priority for its objective purpose. Fabrication in the world of luxury pushes the boundaries past the expectation of external utility; this births the idea of accents and centerpieces. Deliberately designing physical intention, that transcends product of utility, prompts grandeur presence that does-away with subjectivities that are external; thus prioritizing the expression: "Gratitude lies where you place it."

gratitude lies where you place it


A Centerpiece in Detail

"Gratitude lies where you place it." A centerpiece that is both a literal and metaphorical expression. This one-of-one rug measures 5 feet by 7 feet, is hand-tufted with 100% wool and hand-cut in Los Angeles. The finishing of this piece is cut, worn, and made to be exposed along the perimeter; this "unfinished" finish is created to drive the detail of the integrity of the design's intention.


There is no luxury greater

than gratitude itself.

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