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The Attire


Solitude's Formal Attire

In solitude, the presence of gratitude is only limited by our own clothe.

Luxury & Utility

Luxury comes in shapes and events unique to the individual. The greatest qualities refined into the luxury of a formal event, comes from the uniform that is defined by the occasion. Dresses or suits drape a structure that holds a uniformity and a posture that define a social norm's presence. The luxury of a presence, itself, is here; the present.

The utility of formal attire is to refine a moment, to present itself in a way that gratifies the pursuant, through the mediums of intention or pastime.


The idea of a formal setting is defined by the intention of recognizing a particular moment. The collar exists as a visual priority when it comes to an outfit for formal settings. In this particular piece, the structure of this collar is shaped after the utility of a trench coat- driving this silhouette's motive toward a wear for a furthering purpose.

The entirety of the top, cropped to fit, sits above the hips as its drapes just past the waist; providing the presentation of a tucked shirt. An additional attribute to the top piece of this silhouette is the oversized shoulder fitting and wide sleeves. This fitting allows for a relaxed drape as this wear holds a subtle courtly structure.


The trousers in this formal set are designed for a high-waist fit. Lined down the front is a permanently, woven in, crease that holds effortlessly. The back of these trousers are pleated for a structure that keep the natural shape below the waist. These pant legs run downward with a mild taper. At a height cut just above the ankles, this wear holds  a vertical drape without interruption.



The originating materials of this formal attire set, roots from the fabric of the universally shared uniform of casual/leisure activity: the sweat suit. The idea of solitude is least anticipated as a formally recognized event, more commonly anticipated as an informal and casual event. Formal events may be a luxury, but no greater than the celebration of solitude itself.

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There is no luxury greater

than gratitude itself.

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